Second Grade


Non-Fiction Museum
We had a non-fiction museum. Second
graders shared their installations. 
They became experts on a variety of
subjects from planets to zebras.




Kristen Andrews brought
three UVM students to our
class to: make mozzarella
cheese, dissect a hay bale 
and plant the seeds we found
in the hay.

This was a great way to link
our cow study to our
future Seed and Plant Unit.

Balls and Ramps Museum

  Please read our first Story Nook Story- written and illustrated by the Second Graders.
  So that you can read at your own pace, use the arrows at the bottom to "turn the pages."

The Adventures of Barbara the Chicken


Story Nook 
in 2nd Grade
Miss Brooks' Story Nook is one of this
year's Red Clover Books. In Second
Grade, we've been having a Story Nook
time every Tuesday morning for half
an hour. One week, one group of
second graders writes a story together and
the next week, a group illustrates the story.
We have built up quite a wonderful
collection of stories. Come see our

Brave Irene
The Second Graders read William Steig's Brave Irene. It's a 
tale of a young girl's determination to deliver a package through 
a raging snowstorm. Students thought about Irene's character 
and wrote a group response.


Magic Beans
Second grade mathematicians 
counted "magic" beans to discover
place value in the hundreds.

Mapping the LCS Library

In Library Literacy, we have begun a unit on mapping. 
Today we divided into four groups and mapped the library.
Not only are we learning about mapping, we are also
learning about what's in the library!


in our
School Garden

and they later turned to this....


Sharing Their Writing