Positive Behavior

Encouraging Positive Behavior 

This is our seventh year of using the Positive Behavior Support model for structuring, modeling, and encouraging positive behavior in our school. We combine this with Responsive Classroom and explicit teaching around Habits of Mind. Students watch and emulate us. The more respectful and mindful we 
are, so will they be.

Our School Expectations for Positive Behavior are:
• Respect yourself.
• Respect others.
• Respect all things.
• Respect learning.

We teach these expectations explicitly across settings in the school. We want the Lincoln Community School to be a special place where everyone, young and old, comes together to work and learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We believe that a climate of dignity and respect encourages everyone to 
work hard, take responsible risks, support others, and contribute to the school and greater communities. 

Our collective commitment to this system is critical to its success. All employees of LCS are expected to diligently model and follow what we’ve put in place for encouraging positive behavior.We understand that the “rules” for behavior in the larger society are changing rapidly and that these changes sometimes do not support the kind of climate that we want to maintain at the Lincoln Community School. One of our tasks is to help our students understand time and place; that a certain behavior may be appropriate in one setting and not appropriate in another. It is particularly important that all of us work hard to ensure that the atmosphere at our school is one of respect, personal responsibility, and dignity. Furthermore, we understand that it is the adults who have the inherent responsibility to model these essential attributes.

     Our students continue to take more responsibility for their actions and                    behaviors and develop greater internal motivation. As adults, we continue to          have a vital role in this process. We offer children opportunities for growth 
     and self-determination as well as boundaries and guidance for their                        participation within our school community.

    We want our school to be a safe and respectful place in which we insist that all     of our students learn to use their minds well. One critical piece in achieving           this goal is for us to provide clear steps when a mistaken behavior or serious         infraction occurs so that students may recognize and take responsibility for 
    their actions and be available to fully engage in their learning. 

    As we build our community so that all can contribute, we’ve added to our             essential purpose:

    In our school community, we all belong.

      We care for ourselves and for one another.