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Our school's essential purpose is to insist 
that all students learn to use their minds well.

Summer Holiday Begins, 11:45 am: June 16
First Day of 2017-18 School Year: August 30


Spring Festival 2017

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Potato Hill Park and Playground
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School is 
Snow Fun...hah!!

Hungarian Festival

We're Going to Hungary!
by two 3/4 reporters

Next Monday, K through 4 are beginning a "trip" to Hungary. 
One of our student's grandmother is from Hungary. She will be joining us.
We'll be learning about the country of Hungary. Expert groups will be: dancing, music, food, geography, embroidery, toys and art.
Stay tuned for the Festival dates! 
Families and community members invited!

3/4 OMYA Field Trip

Third and Fourth Grade Geologists on a Field Trip 
to Lone Rock Point and to the Perkins Museum at UVM

As part of the First and Second Grade 
COW unit, they visited the UVM Dairy Farm.

Zeno Mountain Farm!
  Last year, the 5/6 did a Positive Change Project. They sold hot chocolate 
  and mugs. The money they made was donated to Zeno Mountain Farm. 
  To show appreciation, they brought apple crisp for each class. Thanks!!

First/Second Grade Soccer Team

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