Third and Fourth Grade

Hungarian Storytellers 
from 3/4 visit First Grade

 Red Clovers Almost All Read!
There are ten books every year that are called The Red Clover Books. K through fourth grades read all of them. Then each students votes for their favorite one. We find out which one is LCS's favorite. Then in May, the first grade puts on a play - based on our favorite one!

Which one do you think will win?


The 3/4 has gone to Rikert's Ski Touring Center once this year. We were split into three groups and mixed classes. All the groups went to different places at Rikert's. Group 2 did an obstacle course (see photo above). Group 3 mostly focused on skiing downhill. Group 1 stayed in the big field and practiced basic skiing.

We will go two more times. We  couldn't have done this without Friends of LCS, so THANK them for helping us to go on these fun trips.


Earth Forces Triptych

 1.   2.

We are all studying a kind of earth force. There are: volcanoes, erosion, earthquakes, tsunamis, glaciers and mountain formation. This is an example of an erosion triptych. A triptych shows the different steps.
1. the river is going over the land.
2. the water has been weathering down the landform and starts making a canyon.
3. because of the weathering it has caused it to make a canyon in the earth's surface.
Each student's triptych is hanging in the three/four hallway.

3/4 Studies Earth Forces
We have just started a new unit: Earth Forces. We will learn about igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. We learned how these rocks are formed. We learned about magma under the earth. When the volcano erupts the leftover lava cools down. That turns into igneous rocks.

On Halloween day, at LCS, everyone made masks. There were: moon masks, sun masks, nature masks and bead masks. They were multi-age groups. Once we made the masks we made parade - up to the Lincoln Pre-school and then we went around outside the school and we ended up back in the multi-purpose room at LCS. Nancy organized the whole thing. Thank you, Nancy!

Compost 3/4 Fall 2016

A Visit from Dr. Potter, a Brain Scientist from UVM
Friday morning during assembly Dr. Potter came in and taught us about brains and how they work. We learned how the brain grows and how it folds to decrease its size so it can fit in our heads. We learned that there is a hundred million neurons in a new born baby. That's as much stars as there are in the Milky Way. The more you do something, the better you learn it and the bigger your brain gets. Mistakes help your brain grow.

A Visit from Sam and Kathryn
Sam and Kathryn Wyatt are the mom and dad of two of our students. They are also the aunt and uncle of another two of our students. They came in to talk to us about compost which they are experts on. We asked them lots of questions and they were able to answer most of them. For instance, we asked them, "What is compost made out of?" and They answered, "Mostly brown stuff: sticks and leaves and some green which is decomposing food"

Studying Soil in 3/4
In 3/4 we are studying soil. We each brought in our own soil samples
from home. We are testing to see how fast water moves through
soil. Our teachers have taught the different layers of the earth. 

Here is a diagram of the different layers of the earth.



Here is a diagram of the 
crust of the earth.

































         Some Random 3/4 Moments