Third and Fourth Grade

Plant Study in 3/4
We are learning about plants. The color in the plants is made out of chlorophyll. The cycle of plants: the sunlight goes through the leaf, followed by photosynthesis and carbondioxide. This creates food for the leaf. Oxygen and water are pushed out of the leaf when this happens.

While we are learning about plants in our classroom, we are also focusing on plants in art with Nancy. When we walked into art, there were leaves on the tables. We each picked one out, studied it and then drew it without looking at it. Then we added color and details. It was hard and fun.

Leaves have all different patterns of veins.

3/4 dendrologists (tree scientists) spent the beautiful afternoon identifying trees on the town property while their leaves are still here to help us! We successfully identified over seven varieties. 

We also found beauty in small things, pea green inch worms, the refreshing rain and having time to romp through our outdoor classroom.

Reading in Three/Four
Reading together fosters new friendships, 
strengthens comprehension and increases our love of books!









Here is a diagram of the 
crust of the earth.

































         Some Random 3/4 Moments