Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Sara Audy                             Reading Recovery and Literacy Teacher 

Kevin Breault                        Head Custodian

Lea Calderon-Guthe              Food Service Manager

Megan Cowette                      ASP Coordinator

Tiffany Dennison                   First Grade Teacher

Peter DuBrul                          Instructional Assistant

Lindsey Dunham                   Music and Instructional Assistant

Deb Eddington                      Kindergarten Teacher

Kaela Frank                           Five/Six Grade Teacher

Emmy Harvey                       School Based Clinician             

Anna Howell                         Three/Four Teacher

Jo Koch                                 Positive Behavior Coach

Elizabeth Maher                   Special Educator

Anne Marie Letourneau       Instructional Assistant

Devon MacLeod                  Three/Four Teacher

Nancy McClaran                  Art Teacher

Joan McDonald                    Instructional Assistant

Kendra McKim                    Speech/Language

Bonnie Melnick                    Title 1 Teacher

Beth Nelson                          Librarian

Justin Newton                       Physical Education

Kim Norton                          Nurse

Yvonne Bonnie Rathbun      Food Service Assistant

Tory Riley                             Principal

Regina Robbins                    Guidance Counselor

Maureen Rotax                     Library/Instructional Assistant

Patty Schoenhuber                Second Grade Teacher

Amber Thomas                     After-School Program

Beth Trombly                        Instructional Assistant

Erin Webster                          Five/Six Teacher

Deirdre Zele                          Administrative Assistant


You can reach any LCS or ANESU employee by email. Use the first initial and last name @  For example, to reach Deirdre Zele, use

Our phone number is 453-2119.  

Our fax is 453-3370.

Our website is



Rebecca Otey

Mary Beth Stilwell

Christie Sumner

Ari Kirshenbaum

Scott Bernoudy


Munsill Avenue, Suite 601
VT 05443
453-3657 / fax 453-2029

Patrick Reen Superintendent
   Catrina DiNapoli Director of Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction and Staff Development
    Susan Bruhl Special Education Coordinator 
Caroline Patrie Innovation Coach