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Ends Policy

ENDS Policy*

This document reflects the overarching goals for our schools.  Our school system exists to educate the children of Addison Northeast Supervisory Union and its member school districts of Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School, New Haven and Starksboro, so that they can meet the challenges of lifelong learners and responsible citizens at a cost deemed acceptable by the community.

1. Core Subjects in a Digital and Global Environment

To become one’s personal best and a contributing member of a community, each student will demonstrate knowledge and skills within and across disciplines.

 a. Students demonstrate competence in the core subjects (English language arts,mathematics, science, social studies, arts, health, fitness and nutrition).

b. Students interact critically and productively in a dynamic information and media rich environment.

c. Students demonstrate competence as responsible and informed citizens of the world.

2. Life and Career Skills

To become one’s personal best and a contributing member of a community, each student will develop effective social and emotional skills.

a. Students engage actively in their own learning and pursue personal interests with self-direction, independence and responsibility.

b. Students view themselves as valuable, contributing citizens, participating actively in the community.

c. Students demonstrate adaptability, respect, and collaboration in solving problems collectively.

d. Students relate to each other, value diversity in others and demonstrate understanding and empathy for all.

e. Students foster health and wellness for self and others.


3. Learning and Innovation Skills

 To become one’s personal best and a contributing member of a community, each student will develop skills that lead to using one’s mind well.

 a. Students exercise perseverance and intellectual curiosity.

b. Students practice and hone skills for accuracy and effectiveness.

c. Students make connections, transferring knowledge to new and meaningful situations.

d. Students show creativity, imagination, and innovation in solving problems.

e. Students communicate publicly what they understand.

f. Students seek feedback and collaboration to extend knowledge and skills for continuous learning.


Adopted by the boards of Addison Northeast Supervisory Union and Member School Districts (Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, Mt. Abraham Union High, New Haven, Starksboro)

Former fifth and sixth graders share their invention 
at the Annual Invention Convention.

Kindergartener researching and sketching a bear, 
in preparation for creating his own bear in the style of Eric Carle.

First graders using scientific inquiry to discover that eggs can bounce.

Fifth and sixth grader meet weekly with their younger Book Buddy.

Students perform in the 2014 original production of 
Mud and Water, Flood Stories from Potato Hill and Downstream.
This performance chronicles the effect of floods 
on Lincoln and Vermont over time.