Kindergarten Leaf Drawings

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Art Show





Welcome to Art Class at LCS
You can hear their footsteps coming toward the art room.  Children are finding their way in, sitting down and looking around their new space. They are ready to begin. They may start with pencil, move to oil pastel and end up with water colors.  Their ideas become sketches and then turn into final pieces. It may take a few minutes or a few weeks but the transition from mind and ideas to creating an actual piece of art is always a wondrous unfolding.  

Exploring Oil Pastels K, 1 and 2

First Composition Created 
by Nancy, the art teacher

A few days before school started,  a new kindergartener, his brother and their dad stopped in for a visit.  I asked if they wanted to help me sort through and test markers.  We found some paper, put it on the easel and the three of them began to see which markers still had color. They started by playing tic tac toe.  Then they noticed the spaces in between and filled them in with colors. They added other shapes and lines.  Pretty soon the markers and the artists lost track of time. I watched them lose themselves in a process of color, discussion and silence.  They were all working on one piece together. They were making art. 

This is a picture of that piece of art.  It is the first of thousands, maybe millions, that will be created in our beautiful art space. Please come and visit us.  Who knows what may inspire YOU to make a piece of art.