Fifth and Sixth Grade

2019-20 Students adding their voices to the Climate Strike! 

Camp Common Ground 5/6

                    So that you may go at your own pace, please use the forward arrows.

What's Going on in 5/6?
Kaela reads Every Kindness to 5/6 and students find their own rock at the river to drop into the water 
bucket like in the story to demonstrate that kindness creates its own ripple effect just like a 
stone dropped in water.

5/6 launches Makerspace by asking the question: How can you design 
and build a boat using only natural 
materials to stay afloat and 
hold the weight of a stone for at least 30 seconds in the river? 
Students worked in partners to design, build, test, and assess their boat out in the school woods 
last Friday afternoon. 5/6 will participate in Makerspace for the last hour of school on Fridays twice a month. 

Devin’s homeroom tried to save Sam the worm whose boat capsized, 
and he can’t swim. They worked in partners using only paperclips 
as tools to put Sam’s life preserver back on him, get him back into 
his boat (the cup), and put his oar (the toothpick) across the top