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Library Policies


The objective of the Lincoln Community School Library is to make available to students, teachers and parents a collection of materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and meet the information and reading needs of everyone. Selection of materials is made according to the guidelines established by the American Library Association, The Vermont Educational Media Association and the ANESU Instructional Materials Policy (all available in the Library).

A primary goal of the library is to find resources that are appropriate for the subject areas, ages, social/emotional development, ability levels, learning styles and individual reading tastes of the K-6th grade students in our school. When students come into the library to select materials, the Librarian can assist them with their choices. However, the final choice of material is a matter between a student and his/her parent.

ANESU Instructional Materials Policy and the American Library Association “Bill of Rights” both uphold that all students have access to all circulating materials in libraries. The Librarian has a professional obligation to provide equal access to all library resources for all library users. Parents - and only parents - have the right and responsibility to restrict the access of their children - and only their children - to library resources. As a parent or guardian, if you desire to limit your child's access to certain library services, materials or facilities, you should make this known to us and discuss it with your child. We encourage you to share with us your thoughts, questions and suggestions about your child's use of the library. Call anytime, 453-2119. Thank you.


All expectations for the library are based on the Golden Rule: "Treat other people the way you want to be treated"

To the student: The library is a place for everyone in the Lincoln Community School. We all use it to find books, magazines, CD-ROMs and internet sites that we seek for information and enjoyment. We work independently in the library and we work in large or small groups. We work quietly, ask for help when we need it and offer help to others when we can. It is a place for sharing and cooperation as we learn about each other, books, reading, library skills, research and information technology skills. It takes everyone's cooperation to make it a library where we respect ourselves, each other and the materials housed here. It is all of our responsibility to work hard to make it a place where we feel safe to do the work we need to do, to ask questions, find answers and to feel good about these tasks. We all share the responsibility of caring for the library space and the materials in it. Signing your library card means that you will follow the LCS library guidelines. (see guidelines below)

To parents and guardians: The Lincoln Community School Library invites students and their families to use our collection. Any LCS family member may check out items in accordance with the above guidelines. Check out is available during school hours, Monday through Friday from 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Sometimes classes are held in the Library. A schedule of classes is posted to the right of the library door. Please understand that there will be limited availability to the Librarian's assistance during these times.

We are pleased to see students develop good library habits from an early age. This includes understanding the proper care of books, the feeling of responsibility for all materials checked out, the need for returning books on time so that others may use them and the enjoyment of reading! Please help reinforce these good library habits with your child throughout the school year. Signing your child's library card will indicate that you have read the library guidelines and will help your child/ren follow them

Thank you. We look forward to finding and loaning great books and materials to your family!


  • Students may check-out 2 library materials during their scheduled class check-out period or any time during the school week (with teacher permission). Materials are signed out for 1 week. We encourage students to use the library as much as they need to!
  • Books used in school for a school project may be signed out in addition to the 2 book limit, with permission of librarian and teacher.
  • Reference materials should stay in the library at all times. This includes print and CD-ROM encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, magazine guides, etc. Teachers may arrange for in-class use of materials, as long as they are returned at the end of the activity.
  • Students may borrow one video weekly. Since videos are expensive and might be needed for classroom use, it is important to return the videos within the week. A student who has an overdue video may lose the privilege of borrowing videos for the year.
  • Please return library materials on time. Also, please take the time to renew unfinished books, so that you don't get overdue notices.


Consequences for you and others of overdue books

  • Others can't read the book
  • Librarians must spend lots of time and energy to track them down. We send out notices and verbally remind you, when we'd rather be reading with you or helping you do research.
  • Your library check-out privileges are suspended. We all feel badly when students aren't able to check-out new books, because they haven't returned previous ones. Along with treating the books gently, this is your BIGGEST RESPONSIBILITY as a library user.

Overdue policy

  • Overdue materials list posted on library desk weekly. Students should check the overdue list during their library time.
  • Students verbally reminded until material returned!
  • Notice mailed to parents, after materials are 2 weeks overdue. Title and replacement cost are included.
  • Should library materials be lost or damaged, please notify the librarian as soon as possible. There are three choices for making up for lost or damaged library materials:1) pay the library the cost of replacement 2) replace the material with an acceptable similar material 3) work off the price of the material by helping out in the library. Having to replace lost materials takes away from the library's ability to purchase new titles that support reading and the curriculum. We have a limited budget that we want to use to help build the collection. Please help the entire school community by keeping track of all the materials you borrow.
  • If a lost or damaged book is not returned or replaced, the student will lose take home borrowing privileges.

Thank you. We look forward to finding and loaning great books and materials to your family! Please call with any suggestions or questions. 453-2119

About the Library Staff
Beth Nelson, the librarian and Maureen Rotax, the librarian helper, are in the library to help you find great books and other materials for your reading pleasure and schoolwork and teach you how to find the information you want.