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What Are Wellness Classes?

Each week I teach wellness focusing on themes related to social 

and emotional well-being. It is my goal to teach these important topics 

through literature, games, music, breathing exercises, and cooperative 


You can find out what your child is learning by checking out this web page for monthly updates!

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades

In September and October lessons focused on:

  • Goal Setting

  • Bucket Filling

  • Unique Attributes

  • Whole Body Listening

  • Voice Volume

  • Feelings

  • Sharing

  • Treating each others with kindness

  • Halloween Safety

We started the school year focusing on what it means to be a bucket filler.  

Did you know that we all have an invisible bucket we carry?  Here’s how it works…. 

when we do or say kind things to others it makes others feel happy filling their bucket.  

In turn we fill our own buckets too!  A bucket dipper is when someone says or does 

mean things that make others feel bad.   

In addition to Bucket Filling, we explored unique attributes that make us a special, 

learned about feelings using Dr. Seuss’ book, “My Many Colored Days”, 

and we have been practicing “Whole Body Listening”.  In case you are wondering, 

a Whole Body Listener is someone who can use their mind to focus on what the speaker 

is saying using eye contact and a still body.  We also learned about being an active 

listener and appropriate times when we can yell and scream versus times when a 

quiet voice is more appropriate.

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month?

It is always our goal to incorporate kindness and respect in our community.  

However, this month a special emphasis was placed on the importance of sharing, 

using the story Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister, and treating others with kindness with a 

food coloring activity using Kathryn Otoshi’s award winning book One.

Grades K, 1 and 2 November and December Lessons focused on:


* Gratitude

    * Self-Control

We kicked off November with a detailed discussion about mindfulness using

the book, What Does It Mean To Be A Present? by Rana DiOrio. Our students

practiced a guided imagery exercise and processed afterwards. Many students

identified that it made them feel calm and relaxed, while others found it was

challenging to stay focused in the moment.

During the Thanksgiving holiday we discussed what it means to feel grateful and

practice gratitude. Students traced their hand, wrote one thing they feel grateful

for, and hung it on a class "Gratitude Tree."

In December we learned about what it means to have self-control and how this

skill leads to positive choices and outcomes. We practiced through games and

had a lot of fun with it! We played classic games such as "Red Light, Green Light,"

"Simon Says" and "Freeze Dance." We also experimented with other non-traditional

games....what fun!

January, February, & March lessons focused on:

  • Gratitude

  • Emotion Recognition

  • Anger Management

  • Decision Making

Upon returning from Winter break students started the New Year decorating 
boxes for our warm winter gear collection.  Students brought in jackets, hats and, 
gloves that were donated to HOPE in Middlebury.  We discussed the significance of 
“Boxing Day” and it’s many meanings in other countries.  The students learned 
about the importance of giving to those in need.  

The past several weeks we have been learning about various emotions and how we
all experience feelings in different ways.  We played a game called Emotional Match 
that identifies specific scenarios and students were asked to match an emotion that 
someone might feel if faced with this situation.  For example, “Melissa is getting 
ready for a birthday party”.  Students would identify that she is probably feeling 
happy or excited.  We used an on-line resource Brain Pop to watch a video about 
anger management and learn about positive ways to handle this strong emotion.

Students in K and 1 engaged in a lesson about decision making using the story 
“The Three Little Pigs”.  Using sticks and bricks for props in the classroom, 
we discussed how the first two pigs rushed to make their house using straw 
and twigs resulting in the wolf blowing their house down.  However, the
third pig took his time and made a better decision to use bricks.  Students 
read scenarios and had to decide if it was a good decision placing their card 
with the bricks or a not so good decision placing their card with the sticks.  
In March, we focused on what it means to be responsible and played a 
game involving basketball that the kids loved!  

Third and Fourth Grades

In November and December lessons focused on:

    * Mindfulness

    * Gratitude

    * Self Control

During the month of November students engaged in some mindfulness

audio exercises using "Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises

for Kids (and Their Parents)". The students worked together to create

a book illustrating their own individualized pages on what mindfulness

means to them.

In December, the focus of lessons 

were on gratitude and giving. In the

spirit of giving we discussed how 

LCS can make an impact by coming

together and collecting hats, scarves 

and gloves to donate to those in need

after the holiday break. Students decorated 

a class box in anticipation of

this collection. Please join us in this important cause! 

Details to follow soon....

Fifth and Sixth Grades

In September and October lessons focused on:

  • Goal Setting

  • Unique Attributes

  • Listening Skills

  • Empathy

  • Internet Safety

  • Bullying

“Moving Forward” into a new school year we began wellness 

classes discussing goals and the multiple reasons it benefits us.  

Students spent some time thinking about short-term and long-term 

goals they wanted to work on to improve personally or academically.  

Students spent time exploring what makes them “one of a kind” 

celebrating our unique differences.

The past several weeks we learned about Internet Safety and Bullying.  

Students learned that while the internet can be a wealth of information, 

there are important rules to follow to remain safe.  Students learned the 

basics of YAPPY:

Y = your full name

A = address

P = phone number

P = passwords

Y = your plans

In addition, we spent several weeks identifying the different types of bullying, 

including cyberbullying. Students worked in teams identifying ways that we can 

help victims to stand up for themselves,  encourage bystanders to become 

upstanders, and help people who bully to get help for themselves.  

We discussed what it means to be empathetic and practiced listening 

skills throughout the lessons.

In November and December lessons focused on:

    * Team Building

    * Mindfulness

    * Self Control

* Self Esteem

The past several weeks we have had a lot of fun in Wellness with

Emmy Harvey and Jo Koch joining in to lead some sessions for the

boys focusing on team building. Exercises entailed having students work

together practicing self-control with an emphasis on what it means to make

a contribution as part of a group. One of the sessions included a mindfulness

exercise using chocolate to practice what it means to be in the moment.

During these same weeks, I facilitated a self-esteem program "Beautiful Me"

with the girls; a curriculum provided through the Hance's Family Foundation. 

Beautiful Me is a "self-esteem program designed to educate females by 

promoting appreciation for their genuine qualities, accurate self awareness,

and the satisfaction of helping others." Lessons focused on unique attributes

that make us beautiful (both inside and out), appreciating individual 

differences in others, conflict resolution and acceptance of others as we are.

The group culminated with each student receiving a special heart necklace as

a reminder of the individual unique qualities each one of us possess.

January, February & March lessons focused on:

Grades 3/4 and 5/6

  • Team Work

  • Stress Management

  • Peer Pressure

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Anger Management

The past several weeks have been very busy for us!  We have continued to focus 

on integrating teamwork in our lessons and discussing the importance of 

individual contributions.  Students learned about anger management and 

explored positive coping mechanisms using a video and resources from 

Brain Pop.  We spent a few weeks learning about stress management, 

identifying what causes stress specifically for this age group, and discussed 

how it manifests for every individual in a different way.  Students explored 

techniques and were asked to rate their experience if it reduced their stress level.  

A few examples of activities included drawing an image of something peaceful 

or calming, having fun exercising to zumba, and engaging in progressive 

muscle relaxation.  The students loved zumba; overall responses were quite varied!

Students learned about the power of others influence, specifically peers, through

an exercise using marshmallows in a jar.  Students were asked to make an independant 

guess on how many marshmallows were in a jar.  They were then grouped in pairs, 

than groups of four, groups of eight and ultimately made a whole class guess.  The 

lesson concluded with students making an individual guess again.  The discussion 

focused on reasons the numbers varied and changed for some. We explored how 

this translates to peer pressure and daily real life situations.