ANESU Responsible Use Guidelines

We are preparing students for an exciting and unknown future. Few will argue that the world is changing due to technology; the Internet, laptops in developing countries, and collaboration across the globe are changing the face of the economy. Successful employees in the future will need to be self-directed learners, skillful communicators, creative problem solvers and effective digital citizens. One of our jobs is to prepare students to become proficient participants in the 21st C. Creative teachers will continue to explore new ways to engage students and participate in the Web 2.0 world. While there is huge potential in working on the Internet, there are some dangers. We are doing the following things to avoid those dangers.

  • Students will be taught to be good digital citizens, including an understanding of copyright laws and ethical publication of content.

  • Inappropriate use of the Internet will result in disciplinary actions.

  • Our school runs a filter that is designed to protect our students from pornography.

  • Computer use will be monitored by teachers and lab assistants.

  • Parents may sign a Responsible Use Agreement that grants permission to post student work.  

When posting student work, the following guidelines need to be followed:

  • Pictures of students taken at public events, such as concerts, sporting events, plays, etc. that are open to the general public may be used on the web without obtaining written permission from the students’ parents. Names or other descriptive information that would identify the students in such pictures cannot be published.

  • Pictures of groups of students may not have identifying information. Photos of individual students may be posted with parental permission, but may not contain identifying information. 

  • Pictures of students that do not have any identifying features visible (e.g., pictures taken from the back of a student) do not require release forms.

Personal information (also called Directory Information): Last names, addresses, emails or phone numbers of students should not be included, except in rare circumstances where parents give specific permission to do so. 

No information will be included which indicates the physical location of a student at any given time other than attendance at our school or participation in school activities.

Copyright: Students own their work; it is covered by copyright laws. Student work may be posted with permission, granted on the Responsible Use Agreement completed at the beginning of the year.

Material used in a classroom under “Fair Use” does not apply to Internet publishing. All copyrighted material used must have the express written permission of the person or organization that owns the copyright. Logos or Trademarks used must have written permission from the person or organization that owns the trademark.

Information contained in any publication should be respectful, factually accurate and current. At no time can a web page intentionally mislead, harass, or bully. All sources need to be acknowledged and honored.

Password Protected sites such as Wikis, Google Apps, ePals, online classes (e.g.Moodle or Virtual High School), or other distance learning opportunities will follow these guidelines.   Web safety guidelines should be reviewed with students before using this medium.