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All School Hike Day: Thursday, September 26
Every September all of us--students, staff, and any family members who can make it--take a day to hike a nearby trail or mountain.  Hikes range from trekking to the grassy field behind the Town Shed (kindergarten) to summiting Mount Abraham. We focus on community-building, caring for the environment, physical challenge, and overall well-being.  The forecast for Thursday looks decent--cloudy in the low 60s, in the 50s 3000 feet and above.  Remember to wear sturdy footwear and layers.  Bring plenty of water and a supply of hearty food.  2012 Hike Day photos from left to right below: Mount Abraham summit; Jerusalem Trail; Atocha's field at the top of the Rood Land walk.
Harvest Festival and Open House: Wednesday, October 2, 5:30 - 6:15 pm Potluck and 6:00- 7:00 pm Open House.
The Harvest Festival will be a community potluck supper highlighting food from our gardens, local farms and orchards. We'll set up in the multipurpose room for a self-serve meal. Please label your dish, including your name, the name of your dish and the ingredients. At 6:00 pm, dinner's over and the visiting of classrooms begins! The library has books to be adopted, which includes a book plate honoring someone of your choice.  Please stay with your student.

Principal's Summer Reflections

This summer I’ve been thinking about learning from different perspectives.  Our brains learn all the time, so it matters what we’re experiencing.  Children are naturally curious—explorers, scientists, sleuths.  When children come to a public school, we’re challenged to create a setting in which they can continue to be active and engaged in their learning.  Over a decade ago, the LCS faculty committed to the adage, “Student as worker, teacher as coach.”  From research about learning and the brain, we know that the person who does the work does the learning.  Educator Grant Wiggins puts it this way:

So, suppose knowledge is not the goal of education. Rather, suppose today’s content knowledge is an offshoot of successful ongoing learning in a changing world – in which ‘learning’ means ‘learning to perform in the world.’  (Grant Wiggins)

To this end, we are focusing on two aspects of the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Ends Policy—the document that forms the foundation of our work with students.   

To become one’s personal best and a contributing member of a community, each student will develop skills that lead to using one’s mind well.

1. Students make connections, transferring knowledge to new and meaningful situations.

2. Students communicate publicly what they understand.

You can find more about the goals of the Lincoln Community School in the Vision / Goals Section.

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