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Welcome Back!!!

posted Sep 7, 2012, 10:52 AM by Catrina Dinapoli   [ updated Jul 30, 2013, 5:20 AM by Henry Wilmer ]

September Updates

What an exciting first 7 days of school we’ve had!  The faculty and staff put a lot of thought, time and energy into planning for a positive, safe and supported start!  We made changes that enabled more adults to be on hand in classrooms for practicing routines, reinforcing expectations and encouraging students all day long! Feedback from staff, students and parents has been affirming that this “First 7 Day Focus” has pulled us all together, has helped the students feel connected to their classroom community and really modeled for kids the collaborative teaming emphasis that we’re working on!  As more of our academic programming and schedules start to fall into place, we are confident that we can keep this focus on relationships strong by building upon the foundation that has been established.  What a great way to start!



 Food!  Glorious Food! 

           Serving free breakfast in the classroom for all students who want it has been working beautifully!  With every change in a system comes logistical challenges, of course, but most of the kinks were worked out within the first couple of days!  Seeing kids eating together in a casual, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, knowing that they’ve all had a chance to “fuel up” for their day ahead is huge! 

            We have been awarded a Fruits and Vegetable grant for the second year in a row!  We hope to start our free snacks program as a school next week! This is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce healthy eating throughout the day and to introduce foods that may not otherwise be available to all kids all year long!  Thank you to Kathy Alexander and Kristen Andrews for continuing their efforts to acquire this funding for us!

            If you haven’t seen the new ANESU Food Cooperative website yet, take a look: ANESU Food Service Coop

There is so much happening and so much coming!  If you haven’t had a chance to join us for lunch, please do!!

 Curriculum Work:

           We continue to work as a school to explore effective practices that provide positive learning experiences for our students.  Our teaching teams are working together to offer flexible grouping models so that students “get what they need”. This can mean a multi-age social community with peers working together to solve problems, it may mean a single grade math group that will focus on mastering a specific skill, it may also mean carving out time in the day or week for kids with a similar interest in science fiction to be in a book group together.  The options are endless and it takes a lot of thinking and rethinking to convince ourselves that time and schedules need to be the variables and can’t limit what we can offer for our learners. 


 Speaking of Extended Programming…

             The 5-year 21st Century Learning Grant that we were awarded is entering its third year at BES and we’re excited to announce that three schools in our Supervisory Union are working together to design and implement an even more effective program!  With the Robinson and Beeman Elementary Schools, we’re excited to announce that Mandy Chessley will be our Program Director!  Overseeing all three after school and summer programs, Mandy will combine her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with her exemplary leadership and organizational skills to get things off the ground for us this fall!  Next, BES will be looking for a Site Director to pick up where Kate Gagner left off!  You’ll hear more soon! Stay tuned!


Points of Pride:

 ·         Thank you to Pam Laurent and Kris Kouwenhoven who continue to be our PTO chair people!  They brought us a wonderful kick off to this year’s all-school fund raiser this week!  The new company we will be working with is Genevieve’s and they offer a wide range of items including gift wrap with proceeds going to our Artist-in-Residence Program.  This year’s residency will be all about Circus Arts!  Can’t wait!

  •                      Congratulations to BES for earning the Healthier School Challenge Award from the USDA!  We received $1,000 for this second place award being recognized for our leadership, team work and commitment to healthy nutrition and lifestyles!  Hooray for us!



Upcoming Events:

9/10:  Bristol School Board meeting, 5:30 in the library

9/28:  Celebration of Learning Assembly, 8:30 a.m. in the gym

10/4:  School-wide Open House, 6:30 p.m.