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GMS Action Plan

GREEN MOUNTAIN STAR-generated Action Plan 

for BES 2013-2016

Environment and Climate

Goal: We will create a healthy learning environment which ensures opportunities for engaged learning for all students that reflects our school’s mission and goals, where students/staff/parents have opportunities for input

Governance and Leadership

Goal: To improve outcomes for students, the principal, the other members of the Leadership Team, and Steering Committees using data (including trends from learning walks, parent and staff feedback, the BES action plan, and the ANESU ENDS Policy) to inform decisions and take action.


Goal: Improve student achievement by strengthening Response to Instruction and Intervention approaches and providing high quality core instruction with targeted interventions (within a Multi-Tiered System of Support) based on student performance data.

Professional Development

Goal: We will develop and implement sustainable systems for Professional Development that improves student outcomes.  These will include mentoring of new teachers, peer observations, Learning Walks and through the ANESU Supervision & Evaluation process.  Topics will be based on staff and leadership input, as well as classroom observation data, will include Standards of Practice and working with parents as partners.