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Instructional Strategies

It is our goal to use instructional strategies that:

  • Change the teacher's role to facilitator rather than the source of knowledge.
  • Produce cooperation.
  • Allow students to learn from each other through peer tutoring.
  • Give students responsibility and independence in both learning and behavior.
  • Build understanding of action-consequence relationship.
  • Provide choice to the student in different areas of learning that will reflect learning-style differences.
  • Allow continuous learning through the use of learning centers, small group instruction, and individual pacing.
  • Involve parents in classroom activities.
  • Encourage student responsibility and ownership of the learning environment.
  • Teach goal-setting from an early age.
  • Build leadership skills in all students. 

Team Teaching

  • Allows for greater flexibility in grouping and instruction.
  • Gives students a variety of approaches.
  • Models collaboration.