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Friday, April 18th, Assembly:
Come to the Screening of the Second Grade Small Moment Animations
The Second Graders wrote small moment stories, then in groups, created storyboards, cut out characters and props, filmed the scenes and recorded the reading of the story. This all came together in an animation.


Fifth and Sixth Graders and Their Favorite Picturebooks
The Fifth and Sixth Graders chose their favorite picturebook, wrote why they liked it and some memories of when they read it. See what they wrote on the bulletin board outside of the library. See the slideshow below:

Fifth and Sixth Graders Favorite Picturebooks

Using Our New Chrome Books
Third and Fourth Graders using the new herd of chrome 
books to write their fairy tale adaptations.

First Graders Map Out Their Hearts
What is in your heart? First Graders drew maps of their hearts. More hearts on the First Grade page.

Mud and Water

Thanks to Kristen Andrews for the photographs of our performance 
of Mud and Water!

Here's a link to an article in the Addison Independent
about Mud and Water
Watch the Bee Broadcast created by the Second Graders. 
Go to Grades/Programs, 2nd Grade.

Check out our SLIDESHOWS from Peru Festival, Peru Culture Study,  Hike Day, International Walk (or Bike) to School Day and Maskmaking, the Kindness Photostory, made by the Second Grade, the Kindergarten Animal Show, the preparation of our Thanksiving meal the Kindergarteners' Favorite Place at LCS.

Click on this link to see/hear our new DCF VoiceThread: voicethread.com/share/5214041/
This VoiceThread will be updated each time a student or a teacher records their thoughts about the DCF they read

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