Coming Up:
October 21: Trash on the Lawn Day
3rd and 4th graders continue their study of waste in a quest to 
develop a sustainable composting system at LCS.
October 31: All-school Mask Making
November 6: Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3-7:30pm
November 7: Parent-Teacher Conferences; no school

Wellness Day 2014


5/6 Science
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Art News from Nancy on the Art Page
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See 3/4 Andy Goldsworth pieces of art
 on the Third and Fourth Grade page!

Book Buddies (from 5th/6th Grade)
 in First Grade

Helping to Shuck Corn in Kindergarten
Wow! The kindergartners were busy last week when they shucked 50 pounds of corn (for lunch that day) in 25 minutes!

Check out our SLIDESHOWS from last year: Peru Festival, Peru Culture Study,  Hike Day, International Walk (or Bike) to School Day and Maskmaking, the Kindness Photostory, made by the Second Grade, the Kindergarten Animal Show, the preparation of our Thanksiving meal the Kindergarteners' Favorite Place at LCS.

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Mapping the Library in Second Grade