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to a New Year 
at Lincoln Community School!
Kevin has been sawing and hammering and sprucing things up, teachers are meeting and planning for the new year, and we are excited to see you on Wednesday! 

Drinking Coffee on The First Day of School
Retired teacher, Donna Wood, and her husband, David Wood, cheer and wave at passerbyers on the first day of school. (Photo by Michael Dennison)

Check out our SLIDESHOWS from Peru Festival, Peru Culture Study,  Hike Day, International Walk (or Bike) to School Day and Maskmaking, the Kindness Photostory, made by the Second Grade, the Kindergarten Animal Show, the preparation of our Thanksiving meal the Kindergarteners' Favorite Place at LCS.

Click on this link to see/hear our new DCF VoiceThread: voicethread.com/share/5214041/
This VoiceThread will be updated each time a student or a teacher records their thoughts about the DCF they read

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